Thursday, 3 March 2011

PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT : "Brooklyn Rocksteady: The Roots, The Scene & The Culture."

Please check this out - We had a message from Sam Gursky in the USA re a great new documentary in the making - 

Ska people - please help spread the word or even give a few quid to the filmaker to assist him get this project to completion every bit helps (he's half way there - lets help him finish the job !)

you can find Sam's KICKSTARTER page at

Main website : 

"Hi SKA WALES : My name is Sam Gursky, I am an independent film maker/student currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, and I am currently working on a documentary titled "Brooklyn Rocksteady: The Roots, The Scene & The Culture."

...featuring interviews and live footage from members of The Slackers, The Toasters, The Pietasters, Victor Rice, Westbound Train, The Forthrights, Royal City Riot, The Frighteners, The Hard times & more bands.

If you want to check out a trailer for the film and get some more info, you can check out our kickstarter page which I have listed below! If you enjoy it and wouldn't mind helping me out by spreading the word about the project to any friends who may also find interest in it, that would be really awesome!

I am just trying to spread the word of my project/these amazing artists which I am featuring in the documentary"

Thank you so much for your time!

- Sam Gursky

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